Community Roundup: March 2024



Community Roundup is a monthly roundup of some of the notable articles and user activity in the last month.


Welcome to our monthly "What You May Have Missed" roundup! In this post, I’ll highlight some of the top articles and posts that you might have missed on the Constant Contact Community in the last month. Whether you're a small business owner, nonprofit professional, or marketing enthusiast, we've got valuable insights and discussions to share. So, let's dive in and catch up on the latest happenings!


Latest Articles:

  1. Customer Spotlight: ZingPop Social Media
    With Constant Contact at their fingertips, Tracey and her clients have what they need to work efficiently, connect with their audience, and create solid digital marketing plans, including features such as email automations, landing pages, and text message marketing. 
  2. What's New in Constant Contact: Spring 2024

    2024 is off to a quick start. With all you have on your plate, it helps to know of the latest changes in Constant Contact that will save you valuable time.

  3. Building a Foundation for Online Marketing Success 
    you’ll find the slides from my recent presentation, Building a Foundation for Online Marketing Success. In it, I unravel the mystery behind online marketing and show you a simple and adaptable framework that'll become your strategic compass for digital growth.
  4. Revive and Thrive: 7 Ways to Reignite Customer Interest 

    Knowing how to effectively engage your customers is essential for creating a positive connection with your brand and products. But what happens if you notice a slight decline? Here are some ways you can re-engage your customers, revitalize your existing relationships, and take your business to new heights.

  5. April Holidays and Newsletter Ideas - 2024 

    Make the most of this month by tapping into these April holidays and newsletter ideas to share the hope and promise of warmer, sunnier days ahead with your readers.


  6. Q&A: Making it to the Inbox in 2024 

    We're taking the most popular questions from our latest webinar and expanding upon them so you can better understand the world of deliverability and gain insight into the ins and outs of getting your emails delivered.

  7. Q&A: Email Marketing 101: How to Organize, Upload, and Grow Your List 

    Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting out, this webinar will provide you with valuable insights and practical tips to effectively organize, upload, and grow your contact lists with Constant Contact.


    Not sure what to share when it comes to social media, email, and text marketing? We're taking the most popular questions from our latest webinar and expanding upon them to help you get inspired with ideas for your social posts, emails, text messages, and events and discover how you can save time by recreating content.

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    Constant Tips:

  11. Constant Tips: Email Marketing Terms Explained 
  12. Constant Tips: Get inspired with some tips for writing email content for your automation campaigns! 
    Constant Tips: What is and how do I set up Multi-Factor Authentication? 

    I hope you found these articles and posts informative and valuable! Check back next month for more great Community shenanigans! Stay tuned for exciting updates, discussions, and valuable insights. Happy reading and happy marketing!


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hello David here I'm interested in learning and hearing others perspectivesves


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