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Ability to Delete Multiple Contiguous Sections in GUI

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Would like to know if there is a way to select multiple, contiguous sections of a campaign in the GUI editor to delete all at once. Right now, I find myself having to process a LOT of clicks to delete content, dividers, photos, etc. from existing campaigns. Any assistance is MOSR appreciated!

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Hi @MelhaShriners what campaign editor are you looking for this ability in? If you are working in our email editor, does deleting the whole layout section through the trash button under the gear icon not fit your needs?




Hi Frankie_P,


I would like to pick up on MelhaShriners question.

I too am wondering if there is a way to select and delete multiple sections.  To answer your question, deleting one section through the Trash button under the gear icon is fine when you just have a couple of sections to delete, but becomes time consuming when you have a ton of sections to delete.

For my part, I know that a quick way around this issue for me would be if I can go into an older campaign, select and copy a section and be able to paste it into a new campaign with all the images, formatting etc still intact.  Is that possible in CC?

A quick example of where these issues occur is as follows: You prepare a full email campaign with multiple announcements and sections etc, going into detail with the design of each section.  Then a week later you want to resend just one event from that old email....it would be great to be able to copy that event from the old email and paste it into a new campaign, or, copy the old campaign and quickly delete all the unwanted events from the new campaign through some kind of section-bulk-delete option.

Let me know if any of this is possible in Constant Contact.  


Thank you!



Add a section container that allows multiple layouts and use it like a trashcan.  Drag the layouts you no longer want in your campaign into it and then delete the section.  The drag and drop takes a bit to get used to but in the end it is much faster and less frustrating than deleting the layouts individually.

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