Create a Communication Plan Before You Create Your SMS Message

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You’re onboard with SMS Marketing, you’ve read the ins-and-outs of proper compliance, and you’ve gathered the necessary information and registered. Now you’re sitting there wondering, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to send.” We got you.


To make the most of SMS marketing, it is essential to develop a well-structured communication plan. Consider your business: What do you normally communicate with your audience/customers about? How could SMS complement your existing marketing efforts? For example, ecommerce retailers might consider using abandoned cart reminders through text messages. Or, nonprofits that are running an event could send reminders to encourage last minute registrations.


Those are just a couple of suggestions, but don’t fret if you can’t think of what to write about. Leverage the AI Content Generator to help craft the right message. Enter a few keywords and we’ll generate content options for you that you can customize as needed.



Marketing Best Practices


To create and send successful SMS text messages for your business, make sure to consider these best practices:

  • Character count and tone – It is important to maintain a friendly tone while still making every character count. The standard for text message marketing is 160 characters (including spaces) and 70 when you include an emoji. If you have a younger audience, you might want to prioritize an appropriate emoji over more characters.
  • Respect sending times – No one wants to be bothered by marketing text messages at 2 a.m. but don’t worry about accidentally sending a late text - our system automatically prevent the sending of SMS marketing messages during the designated quiet hours between 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 a.m. ET.
  • Frequency – Just like respecting quiet hours, you do not want to bombard your subscribers with too many messages. Send SMS marketing messages when it matters to keep subscribers informed without overwhelming them with updates.
  • Value – Your texts should add value for your subscribers. Make sure to clarify what is important for your subscribers to know, whether it be a promo code, sneak peeks, or an appointment confirmation.
  • Call-to-action - Keep the message to one topic. If you have a lot of information to share, segment your SMS contacts into groups and send targeted messages to each segment.


SMS messaging is essential for businesses across industries. Retailers prioritize personalized offers and order updates, healthcare providers focus on appointment reminders and test results, and travel agencies prioritize booking confirmations and travel updates. SMS messaging enables businesses to engage with customers directly and efficiently, enhancing customer service and driving sales.


Here are some message examples and which industries they might work best for:


Welcome messages

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When clients sign up for your SMS list, welcome them to your company! You can include extra encouragement to start shopping — like a one-time discount code.

Hi [Name], Thank you for joining Business Name’s community! Now that you’re a subscriber, you’ll receive custom content, like product sneak peeks and special offers. Take 10% off today as a thank you for signing up! To redeem the offer, use [promotional code] during checkout. For more, visit our website.

Product and service updates

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Product and service alerts let your subscribers know about new product releases, services, or when a popular item is back in stock.

Great news — your favorite [product] is back in stock! We know you’ve been waiting, so don’t miss your chance to stock up. Got to [company website] or visit us at [location] to buy today!

Discounts and special offers

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Increase sales and engagement by offering subscribers a limited-time deal or special discount.


Hi [Name], We know how much you love [product], so we are giving you 25% off your next order! Use [promotional code] during checkout to get the discount. Act fast – the sale ends tomorrow!


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Ever wonder what your clients think about your brand? Ask for their feedback next time they visit or make a purchase.


Hi [name], you recently bought a [product] with [company name] on [date]. How was your experience? Simply reply to this message to provide feedback — we value your opinion!

Birthday/anniversary/holiday greetings

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Major client milestones like birthdays and anniversaries are excellent opportunities to show your clients you care.


It’s your birthday! Let [company name] celebrate with you! Please stop by our store any day this month for a free [small gift]!

Donation drives

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SMS marketing isn’t just for retailers and ecommerce companies — non-profits and community organizations can benefit from it, too.


[Organization name] is seeking [item] to support our [charity fundraiser]. Donate by dropping items off at [location]. Thank you for your contribution!

Order and shipping alerts

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You can share shipping and order status updates through SMS texts whenever a client buys something from you.


Hi [Name], Thank you for your order! You can track your shipment anytime at [URL link].

Informational updates

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SMS text messaging is a quick and effective way to get timely updates to your subscribers. For example, you can alert your audience about changes to a schedule, an event cancellation, or a general notice about a change in your business.


Hello [Name], Starting on [date], there will be a change in the departure times for the Route 10 bus. The new departure times are 1:00 and 4:00 pm.

Event invites

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Do you have an upcoming open house, webinar, or event you think your clients will enjoy? Invite them to attend via text.


[Name], Join us for an open house at [address] on [date]! We can’t wait to see you.

Customer appreciation messages

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Customers love to feel special. Show them how much you appreciate their business with a simple thank you SMS text.


Thanks so much for your recent visit to [company name]. We enjoyed serving you and hope to see you again soon!

Appointment/booking confirmations

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It’s important to remind clients of upcoming appointments to boost engagement and reduce last-minute cancellations and no-shows. You can include a rescheduling link to make the experience seamless for your client.


Hi [Name], We’re looking forward to your visit at [company name] on [date] at [time]! To confirm your appointment, please reply YES to this message. If you’d like to reschedule, you can use our calendar [include a link to the appointment calendar].

Security and verification codes

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Keeping your customer’s data secure is vital. You can authenticate your client’s website visit via SMS with a security or verification code.


[Company name]: Your one-time code is [number]. The code expires in five minutes.


Create and send an SMS message


Feeling ready? I think you are! We walk you through step-by-step on how to create and send your first SMS message, but make sure to keep in mind:


  • The campaign name is just for your eyes only - your subscribers will never see it.
  • If you’re feeling stuck, don’t hesitate to use the AI Content Generator.
  • When possible, try to include your subscriber’s first name in the message - it will make it feel more personal.
  • You’re allowed to have a single clickable link in each SMS campaign. The link is shortened automatically, but you can track and review the number of clicks.



After you’ve developed a robust communication plan and sent your first message, please come back and let us know!


Drop a comment below and tell us what you came up with and what types of messages you’re planning to focus on.

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