Boost Online Sales by Integrating Your Ecommerce Platform with Constant Contact

Looking to improve your revenue? Connect your online store to Constant Contact and utilize features that will increase sales from existing customers and entice new ones.


Connect your store 🔄

First up, connect your store to Constant Contact. Our available ecommerce integrations are: 





Take advantage of segmented lists and send targeted communications 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Once connected, your customers will be synced into segmented lists based on their purchase activity. Syncs will occur daily to import new customers, and your segmented lists will refresh appropriately.

Use these lists to send targeted emails to your customers. Encourage lapsed customers to purchase again by highlighting new products. Reward repeat customers with a special discount.

Want to create a unique segment based on the attributes that matter most to you? Use the “All customers” list and segment it in any way you’d like.



If you’re using Shopify, you have even more options when creating custom segments!


Send automated email and SMS communications 📨📱


If you’re using Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, or WooCommerce, you can build an automation path using specific ecommerce templates

  • Request a review from customers whose orders have been fulfilled
  • Send a thank-you series to customers who have placed an order with you
  • Send a welcome series to new imported customers
  • Re-engage customers who have previously purchased but haven't purchased in awhile with a win-back series
  • Close the sale with an abandoned cart message to remind your customers that they have items in their shopping cart and entice them to complete their purchase (excluding Squarespace, which does not support this feature)

If you’re not using one of the ecommerce platforms listed above, you can still use our Automation Path Builder to send automated email and SMS messages that are triggered to reach the right customers at the right time!

Review sales reporting 📈


When you promote your goods through Constant Contact, you can easily track the total sales and orders generated from your email campaigns and abandoned cart emails. 

When a contact opens one of your emails and makes a purchase within 72 hours, we attribute the sale to that campaign, even if the email doesn’t include an ecommerce action block.

Easily view your:

  • Total Sales - The total revenue generated from your email efforts.
  • Total Orders - The total number of customer orders that resulted from your email efforts.
  • Total Opens - The total number of opens for your emails that generated orders. 
  • Conversion Rate - The percentage of email opens that resulted in orders.




By utilizing these features, you can sell more in less time and improve your return on investment. When it comes to ecommerce marketing, Constant Contact has you covered.


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