Enhance Your Creativity with Canva and Vimeo Integrations

A beautiful image can take your landing pages from so-so to spectacular! Graphics increase email open rates by 42%, and social media posts are much more engaging with images and videos. 


We make it easy to connect your Canva and Vimeo accounts to Constant Contact, with our easy-to-use integrations, so you can start incorporating images and videos into your campaigns.


Using Canva



You can either create a new graphic and insert it, or insert an existing graphic from your Canva folders. There are two places you can connect your Canva account and create images to use in your campaigns:

  • Within a campaign draft, or
  • From your Library


Click the “Create With Canva” button to jump into the Canva editor. Your creations will automatically be added to your Constant Contact library. 


Create with Canva.png


Any graphics you create or upload to your Canva account will always be available to you in Constant Contact, when you use the Create With Canva button.


Using Vimeo



Drag and drop videos right into your emails, pages, campaigns, or posts using the Video Block element. This feature is perfect for tutorials, marketing reels, or short videos – the most engaging form of social media content in the world right now!


Drag Video Block Into Email.png


Ready to Integrate?


To connect your Canva or Vimeo accounts with Constant Contact, go to Tools and select Apps and Integrations. Choose Canva and/or the Vimeo integration and follow the steps on the screen. 


Search for Canva.png


Integrations with Constant Contact increase your creative capabilities, giving you more flexibility, and making it easier to build effective campaigns. To learn more about our Connected Integrations, read this article!

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