New Add Contact Creates Unnecessary Complexity and Extra Steps

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I tried adding a contact on your new screen, which by the way I was never notified there would be a change; it just appeared with no instructions or warning.


If you add a single email and choose a list, the email is added without a name.  Then you have to now go to the contacts listing and find that contact and edit the record to add a name.  The whole point of using CC is to customize emails with a customer's name, so why can't I add this when adding a client.  


Your online chat rep suggested I create a file first, well I'm not going to create a file every time I need to add one contact, which is how I add contacts (as a single person company).  Then that's an extra step to create another file only to import it. That makes NO sense. I add one contact at a time when I get a new client. 


But if I do go to edit the contact, you would intuitively think to check the contact, and find Edit under the actions, but no, that's not the case.  You have to just know somehow to click on the 3 dots to choose edit (which disappear if you have the client checked!)


My real issue is, I'm going to have to do these two steps now every time I add a contact when before, it all happened on one screen. This is a HUGE time waster for me.


Every time CC makes an "update" it means more clicks/screens/time for me. VERY FRUSTRATING and dissatisfying. Your updates should make things easier and quicker for me.


Plus there's no warning that the change happened. You go in and all of a sudden there's a completely different screen and you have to intuitively figure it out. For a company that's suppose to improve customer communications, you don't do a very good job with your own customers. Adding a client should take 10 seconds. It now takes 2 minutes.  Please put back a quick option to add a single contact with a complete record on one screen.  It's bad enough that you removed the ability to easily search tags to check them and now I have to scroll through hundreds of tags to check the ones I know I want.  Again, another time waster.


Please take into consideration the needs of SMALL companies who have limited time to handle these records.

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