Accent characters are not showing in constant contact

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When I try to add a user in constant contact using v3 api the accent characters are not saved and is replaced with some extra text.

For example 

First name is GÒKÜL and last name is NÁTH. But in constant contact it shows as Gu00d2Ku00dcL and Nu00c1TH respectively. Also if street address contain any accent characters it is won't save any data.


How can I fix this. I want to show the data as original. Please help me to find a solution..

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Hi @user245131,


It looks like the characters are being converted due to the character set not being supported. Please keep in mind that we support 8-bit character sets and the accents in the example you gave appear to have come from a language that uses a 16-bit character set; which is also sometimes referred to as Unicode.


Can you confirm what language and/or character set you are attempting to use?

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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