Any example anywhere of V3?

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I've spent hours reviewing the API "docs".  Ultimately, to repeat the plea I've read over and over again on this board:


I would simply love to see a WORKING example (IN ANY language) of how a website can add an email address to a given Constant Contact mailing list. It would go a long way to see one program that from start to finish authentic with Constant Contact via API V3, adds an email address to a list, drops the authentication token correctly.




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good luck with that, support here really sucks

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Currently, the only complete application code samples we have available are for the V2 API.


V2 Full Code Samples:


The request for V3 application code samples is currently under review. However, we're currently still adding endpoints and capabilities to the V3 API, and do not plan to publish official SDKs or sample apps until that process is complete. Your feedback and experience with this request is essential to improving our product, so thank you for reaching out to us regarding this matter.


In the meantime, here are the example calls that are currently available for V3:


V3 Code Samples:



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Hey Constant Contact support,


Looks like you lost a customer because you are not recommending a fully supported PHP API package that completely implements your API and is updated nightly.


If you ask me, that is really bad form.  I have done your job for over 40 years, and I can say losing a client due to bad support is simply not a good business strategy. You have a gift from me.  Use it!  Don't give the cop out answer of you are going to implement something eventually, when you know you don't want to bother, or you are not smart enough to do it yourself.  My library is completely open source.  You are more than welcome to take over the project, or even use my code and logic to implement other language versions.  C++ is a big market. Use my techniques and implement your own C++ wrapper.  Python, Ruby and other back end languages can be easily added with minimal effort.  I have shown you the way.


Happy to help you succeed, but I can only lead a horse to water.


Good luck pissing off clients!  Been there done that.  Losing strategy.


Be a hero and tell management that you can provide full support for most back end languages with very little effort.  You will be a super star.  Trust me.  Just do it!

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UPDATE: We gave up on the CC API.  Looking to other vendors with a more reasonable API.


Anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in this platform, good luck.


This forum topic:  has some good information on this.


As a summary, currently impossible to do this without a user (you) having a web interaction with CC. 


Additionally, in order to have a robust solution running, you are going to have to create some background timers and have them running to update the tokens.


This portion of the API docs give some details about the timer requirements: 

(look under the section 'Make access tokens last longer')


One other "gotcha" I ran into before we gave up is the redirect URI my be in your app's details (MyApplications/App details/Redirect URI) and be warned they are case sensitive.


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I had the same issue as you did. No good PHP V3 wrapper for the Constant Contact API.  So I wrote my own!  And it is available on Updated nightly due to automation.  All API endpoints are implemented, and fully supported.


Let me know if you have any problems / question by submitting an issue on github.

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