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We use Constant Contact to send emails to contacts that we identify for our customers. These contacts are identified/acquired by us with the appropriate permissions. They are our contacts, not our customer's contact. Our solution then presents some or all of the contacts to our customers through our application. In order to choose the contacts to present we make API calls to "our" Constant Contact account.

Currently, we use V2 API and would like to move to V3 API.

We think that the server validation flow is right for us except for one step - step 2: Add the Authorization Request URL to Your Application

There are 2 issues with this

1. Our solution is completely server-side and requiring human intervention to get a new token is cumbersome at best and unworkable at worst.

2. This is not a one time step, we will need to do this every time our token expires, which is very very likely.


Is there some other way we can do this - without a manual step?





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Hello @RohitS849,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


We are looking in to a server to server option, but at this time this is the only authentication option available. I'm not sure why you say that this is not a one time step. Once you get the Access/Refresh Token the first time you will not need a human to login and click the Allow button again. You will need to refresh the tokens, but that process can be automated without human interaction.

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