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I purchased your service a few weeks ago and am still having problems in getting my form to work. I have been trying to connect my DIVI email optin module with Constant Contact and nothing I have done works. For over a week, I've been trying to get answers from your web services support and still have no answer why it's not working. I should simply be able to enter the API key and Access Token in 2 fields, but everytime I test the email form, I get error messages that one or the other code is not working. This should not be a difficult task to get the 2 connected. I've used other services and it has worked just fine. If this doesn't get rectified in the next day or so, I will cancel my account.

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Hello @EllenS1932 ,


We're sorry to hear that you ran into some issues while trying to get your integration to work with our system. It appears that you already have a case submitted to our engineers for investigation, and you've already spoken with Billing to have your account cancelled. If you need us to resend the cancellation confirmation, we can do so. Thank you for having been our customer, and should you ever need our service or assistance again please don’t hesitate to reach out! We wish you the best with your marketing endeavors!

William A
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