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I have a worry issue concerning my site when loading, when I use browsers, whether desktop or mobile, the site first displays texts, not only displaying texts first but how long the text are visible before the main tools cumulate into icon, bar, image etc more like a sec etc or more than that, I find it displeasing, am new to this platform and I want it to work for me, I have taken time and effort designing my website (this is a great platform though), and I won't be happy to start all over again on another platform, I have tried to reduce the site size but all to no avail, in as much as am not using 5G but 4G is not bad, other sites don't do this, and why I find it disturbing is because it is my visitors first impression, and it hurts, 40ms or more to load is something big in an era where website loading time is Gold. If there any technical help you can offer please do, thank you. Francis
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Hello @user275007 ,


For this in-depth of a dive into your website's functionalities, I'd strongly recommend speaking directly with our Website Builder team. That way they'll be able to work with you live 1:1, as well as screenshare if necessary.

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I completely agree! Same issues and the website developers don't fix this when you talk to them. They send it up the chain and then it's still not fixed. It's frustrating. I don't want to start over either but this is hurting my business too!