app for Facebook to offer signup for Constant Contact - Adobe flash based, won't work after Jan 2021

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Hi - I work in a non-profit. We have a Facebook page. I thought it would be a good idea to offer FB users the chance to sign-up for our CC newsletter. When I went to do it, I got a message at FB that the app was based on Adobe Flash, which is soon to disappear. Is a replacement in the works?

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Hello @Godfrey ,


When that Adobe Flash warning appears, does it say anything to the effect of "This Game Is Going Away Soon"? If so, it seems that's a newer issue that our engineers are looking into. To get around it, I'd recommend installing one of our landing page sign up forms as a hyperlink via the + Add a button function on your business page.


For full instructions:

  1. Create a landing page in Constant Contact
  2. Copy the link to the landing page
  3. Go back to Facebook Business Page
  4. Click on "+ Add a button" (or, if there is already a button, click it and choose Edit Button)
  5. Under "Step 1: Which button do you want people to see?", choose "Contact you"
  6. Choose Sign Up and click Next
  7. Under "Step 2: Where would you like this button to send people?", choose Website
  8. Paste in the form URL, click Save, then click Finish

With Facebook's many recent API and permissions changes, this will also likely be the most stable and consistent method of having your followers sign up as contacts. I've also submitted your case to the engineers regarding this issue. If and when they have an update for you, they'll notify you via email. At this time we don't have a hard ETA on a resolution. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thanks William. The part about making a landing page with a sign-up form worked just fine. However, I came to a screeching halt at #4 - which is really not your bailiwick at all. I looked all over our business FB page, both in the new form and the "old style" -- nothing as simple as "add a button" to be found. But again, I can't fault you for not being able to help me with someone else's obtuse software!

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