why I ask clients to leave Constant Contact - SDK Constructive Criticism

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I have been doing this for a long time, and the SDK and API here needs a serious overhaul.


Candidly, it's 2020 and I see no good reason to have 478 files across 137 folders using dependencies like Guzzle and React for a simple PHP integration.


I just spent 6 hours on what should have been a 15 min integration and could have been a 5min copy/paste operation. It would have taken less time to migrate to a competitor. Clients do not want to pay for that, this is an impediment to constantcontact's future.


I should be able to drop my API key and Secret into a variable

then implement 1 class to send/retrieve data and get the job done.


I want to point out that this 478 file 137 folder dinosaur:





Because this http://constantcontact.github.io/php-sdk/

is some of the worst documentation I have seen since 2001. 

Mambo and then Joomla had better documentation...


Constructive part:

Sit down and watch some PHP developers try to use your system to add emails and custom data to a specific list using a simple POST action server side. A simple task, say nothing, watch them try to use your SDK and documentation to get something done.


Take notes, give them no verbal direction simply say to them "ok, make a form that adds emails to this list. go" and kick back and watch and listen as they throw things and swear at the screen. Count the number of times "WTFITS?" is said out loud. 


At the end, ask them what needs to be improved and if this post here is "true" or not.


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Hi @ChristianZ825,


Please keep in mind that our v3 API is the focus of our development. The SDKs for our v2 API are not being updated and the v2 API itself will be receiving only critical updates. Our v3 API does have code samples for each of the endpoints that are currently released.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer