As we established with updating your account security methods, the way we manage access to our online business tools is more than just a matter of security, it can impact operational efficiency and team dynamics.


Why should I create additional users?


If your business or organization needs multiple people to access the account, you may be tempted to share your login credentials (we definitely don’t do this for streaming services…right?). This is strongly discouraged with Constant Contact accounts. 


Think of the password as the key to your kingdom. The more keys that are out there, the higher the possibility of them falling into the wrong hands.


How do I create additional users?




Instead of having to share your password, you can set up additional account users and give them a role based on the amount of access needed. There are three types of users:


  • Account Owner - This is the only role that has access to billing information, adding additional users and changing their roles. There is only one Account Owner role allowed.
  • Account Manager - This role can create and send campaigns, manage and grow your contact lists, and keep an eye on reporting. Account Managers cannot access billing information.
  • Campaign Creator - This role is more limited. Campaign Creators can create and customize all types of campaigns, but cannot send them. They won't be able to access any of your contact details, account settings, or billing information.



Please note that the number of users your account can have depends on your plan. For more information on what is allowed in your current plan, visit the Plans and Pricing page in your account.

Now that your account is set up and your users are rearing to go, it’s time to add your contacts!

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