Campaign Feedback - Welcome and Getting Started


Welcome to Campaign Feedback! We're excited to have you join us. This is your go-to place for showcasing not only your email templates but also your events, surveys, and landing pages. Here, you can gather invaluable insights from fellow community members on your marketing strategies and learn how to leverage Constant Contact features effectively.


How it Works:


Email Campaigns:

  1. Ensure your campaign is in “Sent” status to share a webpage version of the email.
  2. Copy the share URL and create a new thread by clicking “Ask a Question."
  3. Paste the share URL in the text editor. Include commentary on the design and focus areas for feedback.
  4. Optional: You can share a screenshot of your email template, too, but we still recommend sharing the URL so we can more easily review, especially if the email is long.


Events, Surveys, and Landing Pages:

Share screenshots to your events, surveys, or landing pages. Describe the purpose of the campaign and what specific elements you’d like feedback on (e.g., user engagement, clarity of information, call-to-action).


Important Note: We do not encourage sharing the URL of your events, surveys, and landing pages as anyone could register/submit information on them.


Feedback can include, but is not limited to:


  • Design: Layouts, color schemes, user interface of landing pages, and overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Content: Clarity and engagement of the messaging, quality of visuals, effectiveness of subject lines or headlines.
  • Performance Metrics: Share insights like participation rates, open rates, or any other relevant analytics to gauge campaign effectiveness.
  • Product Best Practices: Creative solutions and successful strategies for using and navigating Constant Contact products (e.g. ways in which you've used segmentation successfully)

Ensure all feedback is constructive and focused on helping improve each other’s campaigns. No personal attacks or inappropriate comments.


We're eager to see your creative campaigns and help enhance them with targeted feedback. If you have any questions or need tips on best practices with Constant Contact tools, feel free to drop a comment below. Let the sharing and feedback begin!

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