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Our company is doing a free promotional giveaway. It is with a trusted company we are franchised with in our industry. How do I get people to sign up, like I said its free so there's no reason not to. The top link was more successful then the bottom. Any reason or any changes I can make? Format, colors, wording, anything will help. Thanks!

Hello, my company is doing a free promotional giveaway. We haven't gotten many people to play, that being said it is completely free and they can win promotional items and kits. The promotion is with a trusted company in our industry that we are franchised with. Any ideas how I can convert more people. Junk/ spam is a concern in this industry, could that be why? Any format, wording, image tips will help out a lot, thanks!


The top link was more successful than bottom


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Hi @JOHNH1287,


Thank you for sharing your email here! I put the two emails side by side and have been looking back and forth, trying to compare them. I'm not familiar with the ins-and-outs of your industry, so some of my feedback might be more generalized, but I hope it can still help.


As for why the top link performed better, my immediate thought was that the call-to-action is much more clearly defined right at the top. The second you open the email you know exactly what steps you have to take, whereas in the bottom link you see "Win Big" and what I assume are some of the prizes and then the button and then in the second paragraph it gives the steps. I do feel like the image at the top is a bit busy, though. It's crowded with text. I might suggest that if it's not necessary for the text about Mini-Fit Connectors, SQUBA Series, and FIT Family Power Connectors to be in the image, they could be included further down if you wanted to break down every potential prize they might win. Actually they might already be listed under the "Learn More About Molex Components Here!" red button?


I might also suggest putting an actual, clickable (to your website) logo at the very top, just for brand visibility/consistency.


It's true that emails centered around contests/sweepstakes are more likely to end up in spam. If you're not familiar with this article, it covers common things that trigger spam filters. If you're unsure about wording, I suggest trying our AI Content Generator if it's included with your plan.


If I think of anything else, I'll comment again!

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