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Following up on offer in webinar to reeived feedback on our email.



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Fellow Clevelander here! 👋 I wonder if you might change the color behind your text to something that might be a bit easier for the eyes to focus on the text. May have some googling to do, but there are sites I've seen that score font and background colors for best readability.

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Hello my Cleveland friend! Thank you for your feedback. I will be taking your advice on color for our next issue.





Hi @AudreyW998 I'm glad to see you came over from the webinar. Thanks for providing us with your email.


Right at the top, you introduce what type of email this is: a newsletter. Your contacts are told what to expect as they continue to read. I like the letter from the Dean since it makes me feel welcome and he's probably known to your readers. You also show a lot of faces which is a great way to give your email a more personal feel.


That being said, I would recommend changing the font type. In the webinar, the presenters mentioned that serif fonts (which you are using) are harder to read on a screen and I am experiencing that as I read your email. The headlines can be left as serif but try switching the body text to a sans-serif font. You can read more about serif and sans-serif fonts on our blog. Also, your hyperlinks were a bit difficult for me to find. Bolding the link is a way to make it stand out from the rest of the body but I recommend making it underlined as well which tends to make people more aware of the link itself. Just some thoughts!


Overall, your email has brand consistency and it gives your contacts an inside view of what's happening at the college, even if they aren't able to be on campus or are not able to keep up to date on all that is happening. Great job!


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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Hi Caitlin,


I appreciate your feedback and will be taking your advice on our June issue.


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