Humans are visual creatures, and the right images can make your emails stand out. While you don’t want to overwhelm your audience with too much visual stimulation, adding eye-catching graphics or engaging photos can significantly enhance the appeal of your emails.


Why is the quality of my image files important?


Creating visually appealing email campaigns is crucial for engaging your audience effectively. To ensure your images are clear and attractive, it's important to understand the basics of image formatting and the tools available for optimizing your graphics.


How do I prepare my images for upload?


There are some key factors to keep in mind when reviewing whether your images are ready for upload or not:


  • Size and Resolution: Ensure your images are at least 600px wide to match the width of most Constant Contact emails. This prevents the images from becoming blurry when resized.
  • File Type and Size: Check the file type (JPEG, PNG, etc.) and keep the file size manageable to ensure quick loading times without sacrificing quality. 
  • Use Editing Tools: Both Windows and macOS offer built-in tools for basic image editing. Use these tools to adjust the size, resolution, and format of your images according to your needs.
  • Study design principles: Check out our article on design best practices so you can attract the right attention from your audience.


Why should I connect Canva to my Constant Contact account?


Canva is a powerful tool for creating professional graphics. By integrating Canva with your Constant Contact account, you can directly import your designs into your email campaigns, streamlining the process.


How do I connect my Canva account?



Log into your Constant Contact account and navigate to the Integrations section under Tools to find Canva. Follow the prompts to connect your accounts.


Alternatively, you can connect to Canva while using the Cross Device Editor by selecting Replace when clicking on an image block in the template.


If you decide to discontinue using Canva, you can always disconnect it from your account.


How do I upload images to Constant Contact?



We offer a few options to upload images and documents:


  1. Direct Upload: You can upload images directly in the Cross Device Editor or in the Library under Tools. You can also upload images from your phone using the Constant Contact mobile app. The process is the same for PDFs.
  2. Social Networks: Import images from connected social media accounts.
  3. PDF Conversion: Convert the first page of PDF documents to an image file during the upload process.
  4. Stock Images: There are thousands of stock images available through Shutterstock, both free and paid, that you can access directly from your Library.



By following these steps, you can efficiently prepare, connect, and upload images to your Constant Contact account, ensuring your email campaigns are both attractive and effective.

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