Ability to Change Line Spacing for Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Trying to add a bulleted or numbered list I run into multiple problems. First, as users, WE should be able to control the spacing, not you, so there is/isn't a space between a heading and the list points or individual list points. Second, I cannot indent a list without it giving me a blank first item that is not indented.

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And even if the spacing is going to be built in (between bulleted items) a few choices could be provided. That doesn't solve the whole thing but it would help.

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Yep, we finally get line spacing and it doesn't work for bulleted text.


And, I still can't figure out how to box a column or change the background color of an entire text box without using a template which would necessitate having to recreate our newsletter branding. I'm not a graphic artist or a tech wizard and I'm tired of having to create a text image in InDesign/Illustrator and bring it in as an image which doesn't translate well in the final product. I'm, again, tempted to go back to Mail Chimp.

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Hey @WVPresbytery, thanks for sharing this feedback! We definitely understand the importance of being able to edit the spacing in bulleted lists. Some email clients like Outlook don't actually support the formatting of spacing and indentions on lists so if we were to add this type of feature, Outlook would likely not respect those formats. Is that something that would be a deal breaker in using formatting tools like that? I've opened this idea to hopefully get some more insight on this issue as well as let others vote and kudo the idea. 

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I got a comment in my email last week from a Constant Contact employee, but it doesn't show up here. He said, in part, "Some email clients like Outlook don't actually support the formatting of spacing and indentions on lists so if we were to add this type of feature, Outlook would likely not respect those formats." That's not a deal breaker for my company, as I'm not sure how many of our readers actually use Outlook, but if your organization's do, it's something to consider. 

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yeah, that's a point. But if Constant Contact eliminates every piece of code that Outlook doesn't "accept," there will be precious little left of an email design.


When will this be corrected?


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hi, I am pretty upset. ahve asked this to be fixed. the baiblit yto number bulletes in consatnc ontact is horrible you ahv eto go through note pad to do it... very crappy.... i was told this would be fixed.. just wanted to make sure you got the message. thanks

Hi @JeffreyB5276. What specific editing capability are you looking for with bullets that you can do in Notepad? Any additional information would be helpful. 


Reply from @JeffreyB5276 through email:

making number bullets in an email 
they suck dont match doesnt work

Thank you. What do you mean by them not matching (the number themselves, font, color, etc)? 


Why don't Bullet Lists and Number Lists follow the line spacing selected in the formatting toolbar?

This seems like absolute basic formatting 101 to produce professional looking emails.

I also want to add that this is the third time (regarding three different issues) that I have received this response from customer service:

"It seems to be an issue on our end due to <<INSERT CUSTOMER REPORTED ISSUE>>. I will tag your account as one that is being affected."

"Our team is currently working on this issue and are doing their best to resolve it as soon as possible. What I can do is have them email you once this issue is resolved."


I've have yet to receive an email notifying me that any past reported issue has been solved. This starts to seem like a stock reply and a dismissal of a reported issue.

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I'd like to be able to adjust the spacing between the bullets in a list. I also find it strange that line spacing adjustments have been removed from the new (fourth?) generation editor. 



Having the same problem with not being able to control the packing in my numbered list.

Does seem pretty basic (but I hate when my clients say that and it is a lot more work than they understand). I see the comments about outlook...but yeah, we should be able to space the font (and change the font size to 15 or some other incremental size).

: )

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