Ability to Change Line Spacing for Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Trying to add a bulleted or numbered list I run into multiple problems. First, as users, WE should be able to control the spacing, not you, so there is/isn't a space between a heading and the list points or individual list points. Second, I cannot indent a list without it giving me a blank first item that is not indented.

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Hi all. We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. Right now, we do not have information to share about the possibility of including line spacing for bulleted or numbered lists. If we hear any discussions or further details, we'll be sure to post them here. 

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And even if the spacing is going to be built in (between bulleted items) a few choices could be provided. That doesn't solve the whole thing but it would help.

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Yep, we finally get line spacing and it doesn't work for bulleted text.


And, I still can't figure out how to box a column or change the background color of an entire text box without using a template which would necessitate having to recreate our newsletter branding. I'm not a graphic artist or a tech wizard and I'm tired of having to create a text image in InDesign/Illustrator and bring it in as an image which doesn't translate well in the final product. I'm, again, tempted to go back to Mail Chimp.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hey @WVPresbytery, thanks for sharing this feedback! We definitely understand the importance of being able to edit the spacing in bulleted lists. Some email clients like Outlook don't actually support the formatting of spacing and indentions on lists so if we were to add this type of feature, Outlook would likely not respect those formats. Is that something that would be a deal breaker in using formatting tools like that? I've opened this idea to hopefully get some more insight on this issue as well as let others vote and kudo the idea. 

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I got a comment in my email last week from a Constant Contact employee, but it doesn't show up here. He said, in part, "Some email clients like Outlook don't actually support the formatting of spacing and indentions on lists so if we were to add this type of feature, Outlook would likely not respect those formats." That's not a deal breaker for my company, as I'm not sure how many of our readers actually use Outlook, but if your organization's do, it's something to consider. 

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yeah, that's a point. But if Constant Contact eliminates every piece of code that Outlook doesn't "accept," there will be precious little left of an email design.

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When will this be corrected?


hi, I am pretty upset. ahve asked this to be fixed. the baiblit yto number bulletes in consatnc ontact is horrible you ahv eto go through note pad to do it... very crappy.... i was told this would be fixed.. just wanted to make sure you got the message. thanks

Hi @JeffreyB5276. What specific editing capability are you looking for with bullets that you can do in Notepad? Any additional information would be helpful. 


Reply from @JeffreyB5276 through email:

making number bullets in an email 
they suck dont match doesnt work

Thank you. What do you mean by them not matching (the number themselves, font, color, etc)? 

Dear Engineers: My manager asked me to find out about the following limitations in Constant Contact. I realize that some of these are bugs and some are feature requests. Please help! We have been dealing with some of these issues for years! * Line spacing for bulleted items: Can it be changed so it matches the spacing in the rest of the article, i.e., 1.5 spacing? * Bulleted Numbers: There is no space between numbered paragraphs when using the numbered bullet list, but there is space between bulleted paragraphs when the non-numbered bullet list is used. We want to be able to space between numbered lists too. * Indenting: We would like to indent certain paragraphs, such as the paragraphs that follows one in which we use our long-dash bullet. * Is there a way to insert two photos in one article block? Or do we have to make a second article block next to the first one (like we do with a footnote) and add the picture there? * Is there a way to insert a Word text box into an article block? Cathy Parrish Project Specialist Seawright & Associates
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