How to Generate a Link so Your Audience can Share Right to Their Facebook Page

The scenario: A Constant Contact user created an event and wants to share the event in an email they are sending to their audience. Additionally, they want a button when clicked will redirect the email recipient to their own Facebook page where they can immediately share a link to the event itself.


First, some helpful links:

Create an Event

Insert and customize a button in an email


Constant Contact does have many options for you to share your email and event campaigns on Social Media, such as Social Share for email campaigns, but other than recipients being able to share the email they receive on social media, they can’t share specific parts or a specific link within the email without a little manual labor


There is hope, though!


Important: This site requires you to use HTML code.


It turns out Facebook’s developers page has a handy tool that will generate a “New Post” page (the screen you see when you click on ‘Create post’ or ‘What’s on your mind?’ when on Facebook).


I’m going to provide you with the URL you need, but I still want to lay out the steps to find it in case you ever need to do it yourself:


1) Copy the share URL for the landing page/event page/whatever page you want.


2) Visit Facebook’s developer page.


3) Scroll until you see the Share Button Configurator. Where it says URL to share, paste in the URL for the event landing page. Ignore the other stuff and just hit "Get Code."




4) An overlay will pop up showing "JavaScript SDK." In the code on Step 2, identify the URL that starts like this: ""


5) Keep in mind, the actual URL is longer, it will include the URL you shared previously with some extra gibberish. As long as you copy the URL between the two quotation marks, you should be good.


6) Now that you have your new URL, just create a hyperlink text or a button in the email and add the new URL!


I tested it and you don’t have to do these steps every time. Once you have the initial part of the link "" (remove quotation marks) you can just pop in whatever other URL you want at the end and voila!


This tool is useful for any link you want your audience to share on their own Facebook pages, such as if you’re using our Eventbrite integration. 


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