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Starting in 2022, I've noticed a dramatic shift in metrics for users who open on a Computer vs. a Mobile device. Historically for our data, it was a 60/40 split, and since January it's over 90/10 in favor of Desktop. 


Has there been some change in how data is collected/classified that accounts for this swing? Between our historical numbers and website data, I find this change in metrics dubious. 


Hello @DirkC5 ,


With the release of iOS 15, Apple Mail will now preload images in emails, including tracking pixels (which we use to measure Opens). This change was made by Apple to protect customer privacy.

This means that the Open rate in emails is no longer as accurate as it once was unfortunately; because an Open may show even if the contact didn't open the email. We previously calculated Clicks based on Opens. Since Opens are no longer as accurate, we've switched to calculating Opens based on successful delivery (Sent minus bounces). The Click-to-delivered metric is lower than the prior Click-to-opened metric, but it is a more accurate representation of your customers' engagement now. All pages in the account will now only list the Click-to-delivered metric. The Reporting tab has a dropdown to choose between Click rate (clicks-to-delivered) and Click-to-opens.


Regarding your account specifically, you could have a large percentage of your audience checking their inboxes via AppleMail. Thus providing you altered metrices that has lead to a 90/10 ratio that you see today.   


John M
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