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I'm an educational consultant with a huge contact list from each state. Depending on the number of schools in each state, it's from 30,000-100,000 contacts per state.


I'm currently using Eventbrite to send out notifications to subscribers about upcoming events I am hosting in their areas. They don't care how many contacts I have as long as they are subscribers to my website.


My question is, can my contacts change each month since I don't send out emails to every state each month. I never have more than 100,000 contacts I send to per month, but those contacts do change each month. 


If so, how does that work? How am I charged?





Hello @SusiE94,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! You are charged based on the maximum number of contacts you upload into your account at a time. Take a closer look here at how our billing works. Thanks! 

Zoe H.
Community & Social Media Support

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