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Our B2B database is over 30K implied users.  Since COVID, I have noticed that there are more opt-outs per email send.  I think this is because getting in front of customers had become increasingly difficult and email was a strongly used method of communication. 

Granted our opt-out rate is still under 1%, but 1% of 30K is still quite a lot of missing contacts.  I do send messages to segmented databases so that the message is tailored for the intended audience.


I'm thinking it is time to start an official opt-in program.  Are there any best practices that can be shared for a database this large?


Many thanks!


Hello @JodieC1 ,


I'd advise taking a look at these articles for handling opt-ins, including ho to handle existing contacts:

See also:

Contacts in Awaiting Confirmation status

Implied permission collection methods for quality emails

Constant Contact email permission policies

William A
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