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I'm a bit puzzled. When someone clicks the confirmation link sent to their email address (aka opt-in email) it shows this generic message "Thank you for confirming your subscription. If at anytime you would like to unsubscribe, please use the SafeUnsubscribe® located at the bottom of every email.".

I've tested a couple different marketing plugins and I've seen an option to either customize the message or at the very least re-direct it to a page within our site (after clicking the confirmation link). With constant contact my current set up takes the user away from my site and shows them the confirmation message I've mentioned above. I can't find a way to customize either customize the message or at the very least insert a link . Am I missing something here? Is there an option to customize the action taken when a user clicks the opt-in email verification link?
I've seen quite a few people within the community requesting answers on the same topic but have yet to find a solution anywhere within the constant contact community. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and help. 
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Hello @OpEx ,


At this time, the link required for the confirm opt-in email will only redirect to a thank-you page. If you'd like to customize your COI email in other ways, you can do so from within your account's settings.

William A
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