Overview: Sending an automated email series

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I am setting up a Welcome email.

1. Will this be sent to people already on my list, or only those added from here on out?

2. Will this go to names that I add by hand, or only those who sign up using my form? 

Thank you

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Hello @AvonleaK0 ,


Welcome emails - as in the specific type of automation called a welcome email - only triggers for new additions to a specified list (or all lists if selected) specifically  from a sign up form. If you're wanting a welcoming email to trigger from all new additions to a list - whether added manually or through another source - then I'd suggest using an automation series. Contacts that have already gone through this autoseries, or contacts already in the list(s) selected to trigger the series will not receive the email.


If you'd like additional guidance, you may wish to call our general support so you can speak with an automation-specialized agent for live, 1:1 assistance and troubleshooting.


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William A
Community & Social Media Support