Send history count not matching actual send count

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Hello, the most recent email send count is not matching the send history count. It's saying it sent to only people at the top of the report but on the send history, it says it sent to . Can someone look into this and provide an update on why this would be happening?

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Hello @Agfinity ,


Are you still seeing the incorrect number? I checked your account and that email's reporting, and both numbers showed the same on my end. If you're still seeing the incorrect number, I'd advise performing some basic connectivity troubleshooting, to see if a simple browser caching error or extension interference is causing the UI discrepancy. 


It's also entirely possible it was a short-lived UI visual fluke, which can occur for the first 24 hours after an email is sent, since there's multiple UI elements constantly trying to update and that's when most emails are opened. These visual flukes don't extend to the actual exported reporting info however, nor should they to the actual drilldown lists for sends, opens, bounces, etc.

William A
Community & Social Media Support