Spam issues

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Most of the people using Google at our church have reported Constant Contact emails going directly into Spam. This is a change within the past month. We are not doing any of the "red flag" things that could cause this (not asking for money, no baiting, etc.). These are church newsletters! The warning that comes up in my spam folder for them says that they could not verify that the email was from who it says it's from. I imagine we are not the only organization having this issue. Is there a workaround? Have you contacted Google?
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Hello @St_Johns_Church ,


Based on what you described, it's an issue of email authentication. Since your organization has its own domain, we'd strongly advise setting up self-authentication for your account. 


For an overview of email authentication


Otherwise, we'd advise speaking with our Delivery team for more specialized insight and assistance. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support