Want a captcha field on my inline form

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Used to have a CC form they provided code for that I added my own custom captcha.

Now I understand they use recaptcha - which isn't very good, since it only kicks in after so many hits, and is very obtrusive, not even appearing on the form.


- how can I add a captcha field on my inline form?

- how can I get rid of the annoying google recaptcha box that is on bottom right of my page?

What we had used to work so well. Other contact managers have a drag and drop captcha field. How can I do this on CC?

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Hello @LazygooseUSA ,


You can't. The reCaptcha that triggers does so using an automated process and is built-in to the form. If you want your own reCaptcha, then you'll need to create your own form through coding / your website host, and reach out to our Web Services team (or make a post on the Developer Boards) to get our API connected with your custom-built form.

William A
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