Lists in click segmentation are not alphabetical

I LOVE the new click segmentation feature. It is going to up our marketing game. And all the other new features like A/B testing that Constant Contact has been lacking in for a while. I'm SUPER excited to use all of these - but WHY in the good lord's name is the new click segmentation feature in a completely random order?! We have nearly a hundred lists, and having to dig through this gigantic drop down that is in seemingly no logical order to implement the click segmentation is absolutely bazarre. Please at least alphabetize it!


Agree! using this feature takes so much time to find your segment - Please Alpha it! that's how i found this thread because I was looking how to alpha it.  frustrating and time consuming if you have lots of segments.


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Frustrating to see that this has still not been resolved. We have about 100 lists now and when adding Click Segmentation to a Link, it takes 2-3 minutes to find each one of these due to the random presentation of the list. They are NOT sorted alphabetically and they are NOT sorted by date of entry. For clarity, the lists are sorted alphawise when viewed as a contact list but that is not where the problem lies. The random nature of the presentation occurs when linking an image, text or button to a Web URL and Enabling Click Segmentation. At that point the GUI asks the user to "Select a contact list from the dropdown below" when clicking the down arrow, the lists are revealed and a previously created list can be picked using the GUI, IF IF IF you can actually find it given the random presentation of pre-created lists. You can create a new list. The GUI then does a compare with the name the user is trying to apply to the new list and if it is already in the randomly sorted collection of pre-existing lists the user is told that it exists already (red type) but the user cannot say something like "Ok use that". The user either picks another name for the new list or goes on the time consuming "hunt and pick" through the randomly presented list to try to find the previously created list so it can be chosen.  To see that this has been an unresolved issue since 2017 calls into question either the comprehension of the issue or the effort to resolve it. To put this into temporal context, the Willys jeep was designed and demonstrated in about 10 days!  It's time to put this one to bed. Click Segmentation is a great feature which is being undermined and rendered impractical for use in the real world by the lengthy delay in fixing the problem. To add insult to injury, the more the user puts Click Segmentation to work, the worse the problem gets! 


20220406_0807... screen shot below added to illustrate issue. 



Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi all. We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. There are no immediate developments happening, but we are continuing to share the feedback. We will mark this as Acknowledged and continue to keep this thread updated with any movement.

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