Ability to Edit Thank You Page on Survey Landing Pages

Can you please consider adding the ability to customize the message that appears after a respondent clicks submit in the new Survey Pages? In the old survey format, we had the ability to customize the closing message and we miss this feature. All it says now is "thank you, your response has been submitted", but there's lots of opportunity to share a bit of follow-up information here.


Thanks for considering our request!

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We too are very frustrated by the loss of being able to direct people to our website after they complete the survey AND especially the loss of the closing page where we used to offer a link to download a free MP3 to thank them for participating in the survey.  How could these features possibly have been omitted in the new survey creator tool????!!!  This will affect all of our various surveys!!!  We're not happy and request that we are allowed to continue to use the Legacy survey until we get the function of a closing page or a redirect to our website after submitting the survey!!!

There are a few things that disturb me about the new Survey program being launched by CTCT.


ONE    In the past, any survey sent out that just copied the link and put it into an e-mail, the respondents were anonymous. I assumed that was still the case, told folks it was anonymous, then was surprised to see their names and e-mails revealed in the results. Made me feel deceptive (sure wasn’t trying to be). How can we make this new survey platform be anonymous?


TWO   When the results are downloaded, it appears that quotation marks (“) SOMETIMES (but not always) get transcribed as ‚Äú‚Ķ or just ‚Äú. In the same way an apostrophe (‘) SOMETIMES (but not always) gets transcribed as ‚Äô


THREE           The biggest thing is that we cannot customize the thank-you-message to people who have completed the survey. Very few people complete a survey (you will see on our Survey titled “SOS21 Satisfaction Survey” that 159 people started it and only 63 submitted it). If we were able to customize that thank-you-message we could tell everyone something like, “make sure you complete the survey by hitting SUBMIT – do that and you will get information for a free xxxx”


Hi there! I'm echoing this CRITICAL issue of the loss of the landing page. We used the landing page to provide a link to download a certificate that proved submission of the survey and therefore gave the participants continuing education credits. If the results are anonymous, I can't provide them with the certificate because I can't prove who took it. This is a MASSIVE problem for our nonprofit and I can't believe that this new survey page has been implemented for essentially 6 months and no one has made an effort to fix this problem or offer a solution (like using the old survey system).  This thread seems pretty unanimous in its complaint and no one from Constant Contact has even replied??


Please add the function of a "Thank you for your submission" page and space to add next steps or additional information. This is a feature you removed when you discontinued the legacy survey option.


Wow.  I always forget that you can't modify the closing page and here I am again today trying to find how to modify the closing page so I can add links to sources we used for the answers for our Trivia Questions.  You have to understand how much of an oversite this is on CC part.  You can't tell me that someone over there said.. Heck with it.  We just don't need to give that functionality to our customers.


Please fix this.



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I would like to have a custom page (that I create) that displays after someone has submitted a completed survey. This exists in the legacy surveys, but is not present in the "New" survey. Thank you.

I use the survey tool frequently.  It would be nice if it had a feature for a customized auto-reply to the provided email address. The auto-reply would let people know that their submission was received and also allow the creator of the survey to send follow-up information such as website links and thank you messages.  The legacy survey tool had a feature that could be set-up to automatically open a specified website in a new window when the submit button was hit.  This worked okay, but an auto-reply email, that the submitter could refer back to would be even better. 

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We just created and published our first survey using the new editor - and can't find anywhere to designate the thank-you page URL!  Our assumption was that we could do so just as in the past -and now our respondents are going to be disappointed that they are not getting to the promised post-survey page.  How can we set that up???


Hi @MIW_President


At this time users do not have the ability to edit the thank you page of a survey landing page. We will however reach out this thread when there are any further updates on this feature request.


YES!!! Why is this not an option. so anoying. If you complete one of Constant Contact's own customer service survey's... you will find a customized "thank you" page from them, but for some reason that page is not editable for their customers!? Makes no sense.

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