Ability to insert an indent for paragraphs

I'm incapable of indenting the first line of a paragraph. This simple aspect of writing should be a no-brainer possibility for account users. Especially when so much of marketing is not only content, but how the content is presented. Capability to indent and format paragraphs properly is a necessity. I'm shocked this hasn't been addressed/fixed, it's such a simple formatting requirement.

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Updating the status of this request to Under Consideration to support our new community idea statuses to add better insight to your feedback.


To summarize what’s happened with this feedback so far. We’ve made an update to our Cross Platform Editor to allow for multiple spaces to be entered. Previously, multiple spaces were stripped out. This is a great option if you are in need of a leading indent. We still have an open request internally to insert a tab and indenting multiple lines of text. At this time there aren’t any other updates on any movement on that request, but we’ll keep you posted in this thread.

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Can you add the ability to use a Tab or Indent Feature.  This is the most basic of typing features and makes newsletters so much easier to read.


I have been told this feature is being added for several years. 


The lack of this feature makes me want to change services.



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Indent, please!!!!


Constant Contact,

     Please give us an answer!  Why can't we indent??????  Why can't we have two spaces after a period in our sentences??????  Reading is much easier with both of these features.  There is no reason why you are making this impossible for us!!!!!!  This is the fourth time I have written about this.  There is never any answer given.  No one at Constant Contact cares.



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I don't really care about being able to indent one line as seems to be discussed here, but I would really like to be able to do a "blockquote" so a paragraph can be indented from both left and right at a measurement of my choice (not just some single default that CC chooses.

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New changes that have gone into effect have made a product that was moderately useful more time consuming and less reliabale. 2 weeks running, regardless of what I attach, my newsletter links aren't changed. Features that used to be available are gone: can't tab, can't use spaces (they are immediately removed), and more. We are disappointed and looking for an alternative.

I see that the tab feature still has not been made available after being requested for multiple years by multiple users.  It would be quite useful.  Right now I am having to insert periods and change the font color of the periods to match the background.  It is time consuming and archaic.


In the old editor, and virtually every editor under the sun, you can indent a block of text.  There were right and left arrows in the editor interface to move a section of highlighted text to the right or left.  This is something I use all the time to make the text look more interesting, call something out, etc.  It's not there, you can't even use the tab on the keyboard in most case, it does nothing.  This is a major oversight.  

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I would love to know why you still have not created a tab function.  I know people have been asking for this for years.  It is beyond frustrating and I really need a response.  No one ever responds to my request.  This request is NOT rocket science people.  It's a TAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I am not the only one that has requested this so what the heck seems to be the problem?  You haven't had "time" to fit it in, in the past 4 years?  I hardly doubt that.  Just do it for pete's sake.  I'm so angry.  It really ticks me off that you can't do something sooooo simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


!. I found out it will not allow indenting paragraphs - dummy letters have to be added and then whited out to hold the space open - what a pain!

2. There is no easy way to add a caption under a picture.

3. The font sizes have shrunk. I compared my newsletters from February to March to April, and the 12-point type I have been using for years is definitely smaller.

I could go on, but the bottom line is that the new editor is far inferior to the old one, which was much easier to use. Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired. If changes are not made to make this easier for a non-techie person like me to use, I may have to look for another company - after nearly 10 years of being a happy customer.

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Hello @DianeW410. I am going to merge your comment under a larger thread in regards to your first suggestion of allowing tabs/indents. For your other feedback, I would suggest commenting or voting on the linked thread so you are notified of any updates:


Add a caption to images 


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