Add Search Option to Campaigns

It would be extremely helpful if I could type a couple words to search for in past campaigns. Then I could easily locate the different emails we have used to market past events we are repeating. Thanks!

Campaign Collaborator

I stumbled upon a way to view old emails in a simple list with pagination, like the old design had. Works with Firefox and Chrome... I imagine all browsers would work.


You already have this design and functionality. Why you don't offer it makes no sense at all. 


Here's what I have to do:


1. Log in to Constant Contact

2. Go to Campaigns or View All Campaigns

3. Begin the process of Copying an email by clicking Copy

4. It asks to name the copy, just click Next

5. Don't save anything, just click the Exit button in upper left area (ignore the warning to save your work)

6. This takes you back to Home.  Now click the Back button on your browser

7. Says Document Expired. So just refresh to resubmit form

8. Now you get a clean list of all emails, with pagination at the bottom.


Why do you make this so hard, Constant Contact? You have this functionality already built, but you hide it on purpose? Make us click "View more Campaigns" a hundred times to see emails from a year ago? Makes no sense at all, doesn't seem like your new design was created by someone who actually manages and sends emails.





It would be helpful if you added a search function to the campaigns page AND page indexing. Every time I want to view a campaign and then view another, I have to start from the beginning of the list every time. If you had page ranges at the bottom, it would be a lot easier to go back to where I left off. A search bar would allow me to find a specific campaign more quickly. (The sort function doesn't help much) Also, does the interface have to be displayed in such a giant font? You could fit a lot more on one page for each module if it were reduced in size. Thanks.
I would love to see a search function that allows you to search for previous emails/campaigns. The current options of sorting do not provide the flexibility needed to easily find and copy previous emails and then make changes before sending out with new content. Is there a search function that I've been unable to find? Thanks.
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Was looking for somewthing else and saw this post.

I asked exactly the same question earlier today.

I'd like a simple search function so I do not have to keep clicking the show more button so I can use the search function to find them.


Constant Contact person who monitors these community posts - please see if the programers can add a simple search feature OR .... give us a show all button so I do not have to keep clicking to extend the listing shown.


Hello @DavidK5023 @RickO62


Thank you for the feedback.  I have moved your posts to our feedback area, so that your comments can be counted as "Votes" for this idea. By moving your post this has greater visibility to our product teams on what features our customers are asking for.  






I wish there was a search feature for blasts. Or a way to view all past campaigns at once, rather than having to keep clicking "view more campaigns". I copy a lot of prior blasts for formatting, text, etc. I have a few blasts that I repeat one time a year and I need to keep clicking "view more campaigns" to get to last year's blasts.
Constant Contact Partner
It would be very helpful to be able to sort campaigns by Status (Active, Sent, Draft, etc.). Having a second filter to then sort by date would be great.
Constant Contact Partner
It is so important to be able to search for previous campaigns. Is it possible to get that feature please?
Campaign Contributor
So, here I am again, trying to search for a class within my campaigns and it is taking me FOREVER! Even when I use the A-Z choice, that doesn't work - why have it? Could you please look into this function. You are an on-line service and this should be something that is standard in your programming, shouldn't it? CC is good otherwise, but this IS SOOOOOO FRUSTRATING! HELLLPPPP!!!
Campaign Contributor
I have 464 email campaigns in my account, which I've categorized. But, I cannot search for an email that I sent last year (or the year before) to see what I said so that I don't have to re-create the wheel. Please, please add a search function. I don't have the time or resources to manually search through 464 email campaigns. Thank you!
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