Adjust timing before "Are you still working?" message pops up

Could you please change the length of time it takes to get logged out due to inactivity? I find it kicks me out too quickly and a constantly logging back in. Thanks!

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The automatic logout is for security reasons, as your account contains sensitive information (Contacts, credit card info, etc.). After 15 minutes of inactivity, you should see an overlay asking if you are still working-- which will stay up for another 15 minutes. 


We can't guarantee a commitment to increase the automated time out but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be considered for a future release.


AUTO LOG OFF - What a disappointing work disruption! No other CRM or contact software that I have used has this "feature". Our network is secure. Leave us logged in. Give us the option to select how long the timeout interval is. At the very least have it direct to the sign-in page so that I know I have to sign back in to make any changes so that my work is not lost when I go to save only to THEN realize that I was "logged out due to inactivity". 


I've asked over and over that you stop the popup that asks if i'm still working.  Sure if I haven't made a key stroke in say 10 or 15 minutes that might be appropriate.  When I'm actively typing and working you should see that I'm working.  It is incredibly annoying and disruptive to have that popup asking me if I'm working when obviously I have.  Please correct this.

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I know this is a topic that already has a lot of comments - and I've seen the replies that address it with the "security yadda-yadda".  But REALLY... it is highly annoying to have to log in over and over again, so I'm adding my two cents. SHEESH! 

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