Social media editing page is a nightmare!

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The layout for the social media editing page is strange and frustrating to use.  For some reason, the editing box is itty bitty, but there is a huge preview screen next. 

What is the point of having such a tiny edit box when the preview is right there on the same screen? Why not just allow the edits directly in the preview?


It's time consuming and inconvenient to have to scroll up and down in this little tiny editing box to find the sentence or even paragraph that I'm looking to edit, while also having to scroll up and down the preview box to find the same point.  Usually, I'll find the point I need to edit in the gigantic preview,  instinctively click on it to edit it there, then remember that I have to scroll through 50,000 characters on a teeny tiny editing window, searching, searching, searching, to find the same point, to make a quick edit. It's not only an extra step, but a very time-consuming one.


It doesn't make sense why the large preview section is not the editing section. I'm curious in what way is the teeny tiny editing box supposed to be helpful? 

Trying to edit 50,000 characters while only being able to see 3 lines of text at a time is not efficient, and makes it more difficult to catch errors. It's also weird that this function is so different from the email campaign function. In the email campaigns, you have the full workable space to make all the adjustments you need, and then after you save you can click a window to view the preview. That makes way more sense than having just an itty bitty editing space and a giant (useless) preview on the same page. Why not use the same successful model that you use with the email campaigns and make your entire platform easier for businesses to utilize.


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Hi @TheFallsChamber. Although the text box appears small as to not take up space, you can adjust the size of it by clicking and dragging the icon in the bottom right corner to see more of your text. Does this help?







Constant Contact Partner

Oh, wow! I didn't know this was an option. I've only been fighting with it for a year.  😅

Thank you so much!

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@TheFallsChamber You're so welcome! Sorry that it wasn't obvious but I'm glad to hear this is helpful. I'm going to close this idea.

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