Block email domains when sending a campaign

I don't understand how I can block communications to a particular zip code but not to an email domain (i.e. I've never had any reason block communications to particular zip code.  I have plenty of reasons to block communication to our competitors.


This seems to me to be an easy top of list update. This functionality exists on other platforms. 

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We would love this functionality as well.

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Hi @IxomWatercare what are the steps you're taking to block contact addresses in your account? How would you expect it to work instead?

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Now I have to hunt down individual email addresses and tag them Do Not Send. Very inefficient and cumbersome.


Let assume I have a competitor with the email domain "". All I should need to do is to go to my blocked domains and add in "" and no emails would ever be sent to them. Whether it's or, it doesn't matter.


People can lie about almost any of their information and there is no way to tell one way or the other.  The email address is the only nugget of truth. I've even sent campaigns where I purposefully disregard "" addresses (or the like) because that's often a way competitors disguise themselves.


Email domain blocking functionality is a must.

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I second this suggestion! We would definitely like to be able to block certain domains.


Seems like an obvious feature. Upset to find that it's missing.


Also want to see this, specifically to combat SEO spammers.  We're constantly deleting subscribers from that is obviously trying to elevate their phishing effort game with E-mails that look like us.

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No traction on domain blocking in almost two years but we have AI now so that doesn't help. #thumbsdown


Hi all. We're looking to find out some more information about what part of the process our system would pick up on blocked domains. Would this be triggered when uploading contacts?

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Flagging domains at upload won't really work well in my opinion.


Keeping emails from being sent to "" is most important.  I don't much care if they are in my list if I know they will never get sent to.


Being able to view all contacts included in the blocked domain list would be valuable when cleaning but that would be secondary.



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