Clickthrough Distribution Clicks and Distribution columns cut off with long links

Can the Link, Unique Clicks, Distribution chart be redesigned so that the entire chart fits on the page without scrolling left/right? Currently the chart has the scrolling option if the links are too long and it expands the width of the chart. It would be helpful if the entire chart can viewed for printing purposes.

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Hi @diablopubs  thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in on this as well.


This is my frustration too. I have to keep scrolling over. I liked the older interface better.

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Agree, the Click-Through Distribution report is terribly formatted. The problem would be fixed if they simply moved the stats to the left. Most, if not all of us, I would imagine, can tell what the link is without having to see the entire link.


I would much rather have to scroll over to see the entire link, in the VERY RARE case that I would need to see the whole link on the click-through distribution report.


Having to scroll over to see ANY of the numbers in the report sucks. Often times I can't even see the link if it is a short link, because the stats don't start to show until the LONGEST link is finished.


It's REALLY REALLY BAD, and by the looks of it Constant Contact doesn't care. This thread is years old.

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Move stats to LEFT of links on click-through report. Scrolling all the way to the end of the longest link before being able to see any of the stats makes this the worst report in the history of reports.

your links/clicks report is old tech! A user should not have to use bottom scroll bars to see how many times links were clicked. These reports should adapt to any screen size... and then also be downloadable.

Hi @MikeH7050


What are the steps you're taking to view this reporting in your account? As for scrolling, is your browser's zoom level set to 100% or something different? Can you please provide a screenshot of what you are seeing?


Reply from @MikeH7050 


Please note. I am speaking of once you go into a campaign and then click on “reporting”. I know I can get similar reports through other means but I like the convenience of this opening immediately.


This view/screenshot has the report scrolled all the way to the right so I can not see the full link/url on the left side but I can see the number of unique clicks on the right side. If I scrolled to the left side, I would not see the statistics.


Thanks for looking into.


Hi @MikeH7050 


Thanks for following up with these details! The experience you're describing is actually a defect we are in the process of tracking. We have merged your post into the appropriate thread so you can receive any further updates there may be.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

We're updating the status of this idea to more accurately reflect its current status with our engineering team and also made slight changes to the subject line in order for it to be more easily found. We can't guarantee a commitment to adjust this view of long links on the reporting page but it should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and could be taken under consideration for a future release.

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