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Does Uploading a Previously Unsubscribed Contact Resubscribe them?

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Does Uploading a Previously Unsubscribed Contact Resubscribe them?


Can someone PLEASE clarify this for me in simple terms?


I know it shows "X number of contacts Previously Unsubscribed" but the Help topics I've read are very confusing; and our company does NOT want to run afoul of contacts who have previously unsubscribed. 


Hi @TransglobalS these are all great questions! The good news is Constant Contact recognizes contacts by their email address. This causes contacts who have previously unsubscribed to not be added back in unless you have followed the steps through our resubscribe process. Because of this setting, instead of re-adding them, our system will notify you how many unsubscribe contacts were on the file of email addresses you have attempted to upload. Does this help answer your questions?

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