Event registration missing from Engagement History

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Why can we no longer see which campaign a contact has signed up for... I have several campaigns and in the past, I was able to type in my contact and it would show which campaign they registered for.    With the change, that is no longer available.  On a chat yesterday, I was told I would need to use segments?  When I looked into that, it appeared I would need to create a segment, then tag my contacts with that segment?    So that means I would need to go through each one of my contacts and tag them.  That doesn't make sense as I don't know which campaign they are in, so I would have to go through each of my campaigns to find out what they signed up for.  At that point, I already have my answer.  Is there an easier way??

Sheila Re


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Hi @GBDIOC-staff are you looking for the ability to see which event campaign a contact signed-up through? Where in the current contact pop-up would you want to see this information?

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Hi Frankie, 

Yes, I would like to see which event campaign a contact signed up through.      When I search a contact and select view, it would be nice to see which campaign(s) they have registered for on the contact details page.   


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While we don't have plans at this time to include event registration under Engagement, we are in the works of creating a brand new Event tool. There isn't a guarantee this will be included when we're ready to launch it but we will update the thread with more information closer to the date.

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The Contact's Details > Engagement is great for tracking email campaign sends and opens. However, it lacks event-related tracking such as event registrations, cancellations, and declines. This is yet enough example of the deficiencies in event functionality that frankly fails short of expectations and is not meeting our needs.

Campaign Collaborator

Echoing the suggestions of others above - we'd find immense value in event registration appearing on a contact's engagement history. Would actually say that functionality is conspicuous in its absence. Grateful of any updates from the CC team on whether this feature will be adopted in light of the recent updates to the events module?

Brand Influencer

Seriously, my contact signs up for an event and I can't see this information when I pull up my contact? Are you kidding me? Also, if I add custom fields to the event registration page how do I access that information in an all registrants report? It seems as though my only option is to export and the custom fields are not included. The previous version allowed me to do this. This is insane. I will be looking for a different option. Unless I'm missing something, this isn't going to work for me. 

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