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[Events 2.0] Notifications When Someone Registers

In Legacy events there was an option to send the organizer an email when someone registers for the event. I'm not seeing that option in Events 2.0 - can that option be added back??? Thank you!


Nick, i really do appreciate you moving quickly on this topic and finding out the answer, even though it won't meet my needs.  I'm currently exploring another system that can do what your old system did and will likely move to them, and I have multiple events coming up this Summer and need to start building them.  Here's some feedback if you want to provide to your developer.   One of my customers that I plan many meetings for used to have me use your legacy product and it worked for many years.  They wanted a system that could do more customer integration and they chose another product.   When we started using them, the confirmation that was generated was very similar to your new confirmation in Events 2.0.   Basically, telling them they registered.   Their customers hated, hated, hated it because it told them nothing of what they registered for.  I disliked it as well because I'm the one they called to find out what they registered for.   They are still using it and I'm still getting all the calls to regurgitate the info they filled out weeks prior.  The customer was even considering coming back to CC but I said the new platform won't meet their needs.  

Thanks again for the quick turnaround as it is helping me to find a solution


Thank you for the additional context! I know every tool can never solve every possible use case, but I understand your desire and need for certain features that we might not be able to provide at the moment. I shared your additional feedback with our Event product manager and hopefully this is something that can get onto the road map at some point!


I set up several events and am finding out that people who register receive a confirmation email, but the people who get registered for the tickets don't receive an email. Their email addresses are listed in the ticket registration, so they should receive a notification as well. Your help desk confirmed attendees don't receive a confirmation email.


Eventbrite sends notification to both the registrant and the attendees. Constant Contact should be able to do the same thing. It makes extra work to pull reports to send confirmation emails.  


As a long time Constant Contact user.  The new events section is not as intuitive as you might think.  The event I put into the Beta system took me approximately 8 - 12 hours to create and ensure that the fields I needed were included.  It was a frustrating trail and error process. 


I am very disappointed that I cannot request an email when someone has registered.  This has slowed down our process even and the csv report is cumbersome.   This would a great feature to add back in to the events 2.0.

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@WorkdaySU wrote:

In Legacy events there was an option to send the organizer an email when someone registers for the event. I'm not seeing that option in Events 2.0 - can that option be added back??? Thank you!

Definitely a must! We're still waiting... noting... William_A Administrator ‎09-15-2023 02:46 PM reply, over 5 months ago.


Tech support just informed me that in 2.0 events we can't select option to get an email every time someone registers for our events.  We had that function in Legacy. Without that functionality, we have to log in to Constant Contact to see the registrations; we lose the instantaneous notices we used to receive in our inbox.

Please, Please, Please bring back the notification emails for when someone registers for an event whether they have paid or not.  Logging in to see who has registered is time-consuming and honestly a pain.

Thank you, BW NICE 


Please add back that the administrator gets an email when someone registers for the event/buys a ticket.


Please add back that the registration page shows all ticket options and indicates sold, 2 left, 3 left, etc. - not JUST which ones are left.


Both of these were in Legacy events, and I would like them added back please. 

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I REALLY NEED the emails when someone signs up for my shows.!  The old system was great, I got an email every time someone signed up along with what they ordered, info like their license number etc. 

The new system isn't doing that.  MAJOR INCONVENIENCE! Enough for me to look for alternatives.  I need this info in a timely manner!  If they pick pay at the door it looks like I don't even get a notification that they signed up.


I along with many others wish that the event registration notification email was still available.

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