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What were you thinking? I feel ripped off. I did my first survey in Fall 2020 and a follow up this April. I had to print the screen to get a report comparable to the report I had last Fall. What junk!

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Hello everyone, 


Thanks for all the feedback. We've been continuing to work on improving our survey experience. Yesterday we released a PDF export summary report, which you can find as a new export option. This PDF summary will look quite similar to the Legacy Survey report with the bar graphs and a format that lends itself well to quick analysis.


This thread was initially for feedback on having questions and answers side by side, which prompted the CSV Summary report previously released. The recent comments have been asking for the PDF report, as well as other features you'd like to see in the survey product. Now that the PDF summary report is released, we will be marking this as implemented. If there is any additional feedback you have on how we can make further improvements to our survey product, we encourage you to start a new topic, or add your voice to one of our existing topics.


I completely agree with @MikeB82916. I would like to see the same results from the "survey page" that we used to get from the "Legacy survey." As it stands the results are unacceptable and I will most likely be switching platforms once my subscription expires. We run surveys for data analysis, and what is offered in the survey page is poor at best. 


Hi @Melles2023. Could you further explain what's missing from the results or what you would like to see? 

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Hi @ShawnH02. How would you like your reporting to look? Is there a certain layout you prefer? Survey pages is a newer feature so we're welcoming any type of feedback to improve upon it.

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Attached are the results of a survey from last september...supposedly the version that was retired. I could not find a way to export such a report in the current version. I had to print the page which included items that were too small to read at the top. Not professional looking. Really cutting corners here.

What exported was just a list of names and email addresses next to each of the questions. No comparison percentages.

Thank you for the follow up. If you need anything else, please let me know.


Previous legacy survey resultsPrevious legacy survey results

Previous Legacy survey results

Thank you so much for the follow-up. I'm going to open this idea up for voting. I included a screenshot of your example for a visual with your information blurred out


Reply from @Melles2023:

Yes, in the older versions of the Legacy Surveys I could download a pdf with graphics such as pie charts and text of responses. Now, all that I can do is download an excel file. If you could allow us to analyze the data in the survey pages and we were able to do in the Legacy Surveys that would be great. Right now, it is almost pointless using CC for surveys as the data isn’t easily readable.


Thank you for the explanation. I'm going to merge your feedback into a larger thread surrounding the display of exported responses.


What is the best way to analyze survey data collected via Constant Comment?

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The way the results are exported are completely useless. Is there an alternative way to export that keeps the results of multiple questions with the person answering? this is a giant flaw in your platform.
The survey reporting is the worst thing I've ever seen. Yes it collects the information, but it formats it out of order when exported and also gives you no access to see the individual survey because all of the reports are combined together.
What a nightmare. When I download the results the questions don't even stay in the right order. Impossible to read in a basic excel spreadsheet. Only one format to download this mess is ridiculous. Am considering dropping this extra service and going back to Survey Monkey. (The survey feature as a whole is a huge disappointment. Not being able to send the actual survey as an email and only being able to put a link in another email- forcing another click is bad programming.)
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The newer survey response export is a mess!  The questions and responses should be column headings, not additional data in the respondent's row.  C'mon!  This is basic spreadsheet stuff.  Get your constant and variable data straightened out.  Now I get a separate records (rows) for each time a respondent answers each question - not helpful, especially when I write follow-up questions.  I need to scroll through all the records pertaining to question one and hope I find that person's corresponding follow-up response among the rows of question two records.  How did this ever get past your test phase?

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