Extend expiration date for survey pages

Is there a way to extend the survey expiration date past six months? According to documentation automatically close six months after the date it was published, unless you specified an earlier expiration date. What if we need a later date?


We use this to collect data over a year time period and then copy and create a new survey for each year. 


Constant Contact has made terrible changes rendering the Survey function completely unusable! I am so disappointed. We've been customers for years and will need to look for a different option. You now can no longer have contact information as part of your survey integrating to the back end database. In addition adding a response "other" with text box will not edit. The Legacy platform should have remained until the new program was fully operational with the same or better functionality. This is totally unacceptable and extremely disappointing.  

Campaign Expert

So agree with all you have said.  Like you we have been clients of Constant Contact for many years.  New survey is SO disappointing.  We will have to look at other options too. 

Campaign Collaborator

Please remove the expiration date on surveys. We gather info on some surveys over a full year and beyond. The 6 month limit will require unnecessary additional work to recreate surveys once they expire. This tool is supposed to make life easier, not create extra work.


I just found out about this issue when I copied a previous survey email and sent it out, only to find out from customers the link didn't work. Turns out the fancy new survey page we just set up last year is set to auto-destruct for NO GOOD REASON and no warning is given ahead of time. Not that it matters, because the almighty powers that be at Constant Contact are UNABLE to alter this one random feature of their own product for ... reasons? Instead we're all just shouting into the void, because the only solution is to contribute to a complaint thread? Really? Which marketing genius thought surveys are only needed in 6-month increments? This kind of thing makes me want to find a different provider, it's just infuriating given what we pay that this kind of thing not only happens but isn't a priority for customer service.


Hi @NicholasG52


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We apologize this feature was not carried over into the updated survey campaigns. A workaround we suggest is to updated the expiration dates prior to expiration. You can do this by unpublishing the Survey Pages > Update Survey Page Settings > Re-publish. With that said, I did also want to make you aware we have read your feedback, as all feedback is read by Constant Contact employees. I apologize while we may not respond to every comment – it is acknowledged. In fact, here is a section of our Community that helps explain what we do with our customer’s feedback.


I am in agreement with everyone here.  We attach our surveys to a QR Code, and now that won't work since each survey populates a new URL.  Not practical at all.

Marketing Legend

We use our survey for customer satisfaction surveys and we would love to have these open longer than 6 months or a year. It takes too much time to recreate the same survey that will not change. 

Just found out today that a survey can't be extended.  It's definitely a needed feature!  And seems odd because toggling on and off a survey is so easy in other survey tools.

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Happy to report that this is fixed. Expiration dates on survey landing pages will now be optional. If you choose to have an expiration date, you will be able to go beyond 6 months. Thank you for your feedback! We'll close this out.

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