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Is there anyway to convert the contact list in Constant Contact to a membership directory without having to buy a proprietary software system? If not, have you thought that that would be a very valuable adjunct service for your customers since We already have the lists and the data there and they could just have a way of printing out membership directory photographs.? it wouldn’t necessarily have to be that member would go into Constant Contact, but that the Constant Contact could create something we could download as a PDF and share it with the members. it would need to be searchable ideally but not obligatory. Thank you for considering creating something like this. I think you’d get a lot more Constant Contact customers.

Have you thought of having capacity for Constant Contact to create a membership directory that’s organized alphabetically ?? we have the data list already in contacts and I think that that would be a great adjunct to your system and bring you more new customers. Of course, there outside membership directory systems but you’d have to pay money for those and they may not integrate as well. Thank you.
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Hi @MICHAELJ2. I'm not sure I understand what kind of experience you are looking for. Would this be something built into your Constant Contact account where your members would have their own login to access your contacts? Generally, we do not want to offer this kind of access since your contact lists are private and not shareable outside of the account.


No, I want to know if Constant Contact has considered adding a feature called membership directory where you could as the administrator of the account download the contact information and include images of the members of that contact list.  There are competing programs to Constant Contact that are more focused on clubs and companies that would have membership/employment directories as opposed to the marketing side of Constant Contact were the contact are prospective clients/existing clients.   Does that make sense?

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