New beta event tool issues

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Good afternoon, 


In trying to use the new beta event tool we have found some issues. We tend to have repeat events and copy the emails and the events regularly in the old version.


1. We are having issues copying the events in the new beta version as it won't copy the landing page is very glitchy and isn't saving completely. 

2. A training we have multiple times every month has 2 price points and this is a problem in the new beta version. One is a higher price point for managers, and the other is for crew at a lower price point. When we put in the custom fields to capture the information the high price point becomes secondary to the lower price point which will confuse the managers adding their crew.

3. Also, we can't put a cap on each level as we don't know how many managers vs. crew will sign up so there needs to be a combined pool of tickets limit not individual price point ticket limits. 


All these issues will make using the new beta event tool very time-consuming and difficult. We like the look of the new event tool, however we hope you are still improving it in beta version. 


Thank you, 


Rebecca Gary

The Training Institute


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Regarding the first point, please call our general support so they can troubleshoot the issue with you live, and collect screencaps or screenshare the Constant Contact tab as you work in it, to view the issue(s) as they're occurring. Otherwise, please reply to the automated @ mention email with your account username, and either a recording of the issue(s) occurring or a detailed description of what's occurring. Please also include whether all landing pages you try to make are broken in the copied event, or just the copied ones.


For voting and voicing of use cases on the other two points, please see the following Events 2.0-related Feedback threads:

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