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Recent system changes?

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Has there been a recent update to the system?  I notice that the interface looks different and I am having weird issues with multiple campaigns.  Some examples:  


- My dividers are being changed to a different color without me touching them.

- I can't do a replace on an image about 50% of the time.  It just doesn't work.  Also, when it does bring it up, it's a whole different look and shows me the whole library.

- If I click an image and hit delete it takes out adjoining text boxes and that can't be undone.  


It's super unfortunate because I just convinced another client to start your service and now it's become a bear to work with.  

Campaign Collaborator

We are also experiencing many glitches with the update.


Hi @MargaretR87


Thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We have taken a look at your account and were unable to replicate this same experience. Because of this we would like to collect further details from you including the browser you work in and the steps you are taking to edit images in your campaign. What do you expect to see instead of your image library? As for deleting images, does the undo button at the top of your campaign allow your text boxes to re-appear?




We apologize you too are experiencing glitches. Any further details you can share is helpful information for us to track with the appropriate teams.

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Hello. We are closing this post since we did not receive the requested information. Based on the original post, these types of comments are best suited to be handled by our support team. You can contact support by phone or chat or post on our Get Help board.


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