Search contact by "contains" detail

I am trying to search a contact by a detail of their email or last name, all of which I could select for in your old template, but this feature seems to have disappeared. Where is it? How am I supposed to do a detailed search now in your system?

Searches have to be exact which is problematic if I'm looking for someone and I'm not positive what there name is. For example, If I search "Smith" and sometimes name is "Brian-Smith" they wont show up.

When using custom fields, I would like to store multiple names.  Then on the search bar, I would like it to function like the 'contains' search in excel.  Maybe use a wildcard value to search?  I am trying to avoid using multiple tags.  For example I would like to track non-profit board members.  Many people are on more than one board.   If I use a custom field, i can enter multiple board names.  Otherwise I may end up with 15 tags. 


When a person goes to your "Contacts" page and wants to search for an email address to check and see if they are already on an email list, if your customer uses Outlook then when you paste the email address into your search tool it looks like this: 

 <> and it comes up as no match. But if a person then goes to the trouble of removing the name and <> then the email address appears as a match. Its not an earthshaking suggestion but it would make it much easier for your users if the system would recognize what is inside the <> and not have to spend time removing the name on the left and the brackets.


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