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See who is Unsubscribed

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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

Campaign Contributor
on activity page: when error message says 18 unsubscribed.. can there be a function that lists the specific unsubscribed individuals without going to full unsubscribed list. I have a large contact list, and 1/8 of that are unsubscribed. I import various smaller lists with some overlapping, I want to just pull that specific list.
Hi I have had a number of pieces of correspondence about finding out which people who had unsubscribed and we haven't picked up. I see we have 54 in four uploads I did today. I have tried unsuccessfully to go through the procedure outlined to ascertain who they are but it is just beyond me. Is it possible for CC to send me whose these people are. I am at my wits end. Thanks and cheers Jeff
I no longer see a menu option that lets me see who opted out of my email list. How do I do that?
Marketing Legend
I understand that people unsubscribe. I also understand that sometimes people who have already unsubscribed give you their email address again. When you import a large list and you get like 200 contacts and you see that little red box that says like '2', why can't I click on that and see the actual names of the actual people that actually didn't get uploaded? Don't you think that would be something we'd want to know, so we can tell those people they couldn't be re-subscribed? So, all I can do now is export the entire list (another ludicrously long process in the new UI - thanks for removing the option to export only certain fields, jerks!) and manually compare that list to my original list. Thanks for once again making things more difficult.
When I add a list of names, a red box will sometimes come up and say "This job has __ issue." It says something like "Some of the contacts are unsubscribed." But there is no place to go to find which ones are unsubscribed.
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I've reported this problem before. The new interface does not identify who has opted out in the past but is trying to resubscribe. Due to the complexity of your re-subscribe process, we invariably have to hand walk each person through it -- but I can't help them if I don't know which addresses failed! This problem occurs both on manual pasting of a list of addresses and upload of a spreadsheet. You identify the number that failed, but not who they are. I don't have the time to search through hundreds of names looking for who didn't make it... please fix this!
Marketing Expert
This feature used to be available, and it is now gone in this new layout. Just knowing that I couldn't add 6 people is not helpful; I need to know who they are.
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In the old Contacts system, when I downloaded the unsubscribes, I got a field that told me why the person unsubscribed, if they chose to type a reason in. That was excellent information, that I used to improve how I did things, and which I used to maintain my membership database (outside of Constant Contact. For example, if they said "I've moved out of state," I knew to also stop sending them fundraising letters). In the new system, that field is not gone.
Campaign Contributor
when adding contacts from an excel document into a list, i used to be able to see which emails were not added in the activity tab. now it simply shows the errors but not the emails. very annoying that this was removed, i used it daily.
Campaign Contributor
I really need to be able to see who has unsubscribed when I am adding new contacts. That way I can send them a link to resubscribe, or send them a private email. Can you PLEASE add this functionality back to the activity page? Thank you!
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