Customer Spotlight: ZingPop Social Media


Customer name: ZingPop Social Media


How long they’ve been a customer: 10 years


Fun fact: Prior to becoming a marketer, Tracey was a certified dog trainer and kennel operator. Her whole life revolved around the pet care industry, specifically dogs. And it was because she was the Director of Operations of a dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training facility that she got into marketing. 


Where you can find them :  ZingPop Social website, Facebook, Instagram


Before diving headfirst into the marketing world, Tracey Lee Davis was knee-deep in puppy snuggles and training sessions as the Director of Operations at a dog daycare, boarding, grooming, and training facility. But when she was faced with a sudden layoff, Tracey saw it as an opportunity to bark up a different tree — marketing. 


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That is when Tracey decided to start her own company, ZingPop Social Media, which coaches small businesses on how to use social media, email marketing, and other channels, like Nextdoor and Google Business.  


Already a fan of Constant Contact, Tracey knew of its reliability and effectiveness. When she was looking for a tool for both her and her clients, she knew Constant Contact had what she needed to be successful. 


“I use just about all of Constant Contact's features, and Constant Contact makes it so easy to communicate consistently with my audience with all of its integrated features. Through integrations with other tools I use, client's email addresses are automatically added to my list. Through landing pages and sign-up forms, I can effortlessly capture new leads through my website and social media and then follow up with those new leads with an automated welcome email. I love having a tool that takes care of so many different aspects of marketing!”




How Constant Contact Helps Tracey’s Business Grow


With Constant Contact at their fingertips, Tracey and her clients have what they need to work efficiently, connect with their audience, and create solid digital marketing plans, including features such as email automations, landing pages, and text message marketing. 


Tracey can easily craft compelling social media content, send engaging email campaigns, and optimize her online presence. She has also gained valuable insights into what her subscribers want through the reporting tools and can adjust her messaging to better resonate with them. This has helped her continue to attract and maintain long-term relationships with her clients.


“I give a lot of presentations. Constant Contact makes it so easy to follow up with people. I can easily add them to my list through Landing Pages, and then have emails automatically sent once they join those lists. This is a HUGE time-saver for me!”


Thanks to her collaboration with Constant Contact, Tracey and her clients can now effectively promote their businesses through a dependable, robust, user-friendly platform. This partnership has also facilitated Tracey's business growth by increasing her marketing knowledge, attracting new leads, and growing her mailing list.


According to @TraceyLeeDavis  , “Constant Contact is helping me achieve all sorts of great things.”

CTCT tools section: 

Want your email marketing to pop? Here’s how Tracey uses Constant Contact tools to stand out:

Integrating her Vimeo, Quickbooks, and Wix accounts with Constant Contact.


Congratulations @TraceyLeeDavis 


Community Coach

I'm thrilled to have been featured here! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me to learn about my fabulous experience with Constant Contact!


I'm big on saving time, too, so I love how you utilize email automation and watch your list grow. That's what it's all about! 


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