Nonprofits provide essential services to those in need and Constant Contact wants to provide essential tools and features that benefit their mission. Check out our curated selection of Knowledge Base articles below: 


Average industry rates for email as of July 2023

Average open, click, and bounce rates of Constant Contact customers by industry.


Nonprofit discount and sales tax exemption information

Save money by submitting your tax exemption information and applying for the nonprofit prepay discount.


Nonprofit and tax exemption documentation requirements

Submit the documents required to prove nonprofit and/or tax exempt status.


Collect donations through an email

Insert a "Donate" button into an email that links to a Donation Landing Page, then send it to share it with your contacts.


Customize the Donation Landing Page

Add your content and branding, sync your WePay account, and select the list you want to add your donors to.


Running a donation campaign start to finish with Constant Contact

Send a series of emails about your fundraising campaign to keep contacts engaged.


Create standout marketing emails for the holiday shopping and giving season

Design email campaigns to promote sales and events for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday.


Donation engagement reporting

Check your progress, view donor information, and export donation engagement reports while viewing the details for your email


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