Q&A: Crafting the Right Content Mix: Ideas to Inspire Your Digital Marketing


Not sure what to share when it comes to social media, email, and text marketing? We're taking the most popular questions from our latest webinar and expanding upon them to help you get inspired with ideas for your social posts, emails, text messages, and events and discover how you can save time by recreating content.


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My subject lines aren't that exciting and I want to change them up. What are some catchy subject lines to pique a customer’s attention?

Successful subject lines are an art, not a science (well, maybe a little science). It can depend on a lot of factors, such as who your audience is and what it is you’re trying to promote or bring attention to.  The Constant Contact Blog has a lot of articles that cover subject lines, including 12 Tips for Creating the Best Email Subject Lines



How far in advance do you suggest we plan for scheduling content? I have a hard time staying ahead.

Take an hour or two each month to plan out your content. Schedule it on your calendar so it's blocked off and keep that cadence. Keep in mind you can have those pieces of evergreen content that can be posted any time and then you may have something more timely that comes up that you can fill in as well.



I feel like I spend lots of my workday creating content. Do you have a good rule of thumb about how much time we should spend each day or for each post?
First, think about how you can repurpose content. You can often take and reshare content that you have in your email and whatnot. In those cases, you can use the same assets, and you don't have to recreate the wheel each time.


This also can depend on your goals as well as your role. Is social media your only job, and what industry are you in? If you're wearing many hats or have many other tasks to do to run your business, think about 10-15 minutes for creating/posting content and plan for another 5 to 10 to interact and engage with people. If you're a content creator and social media is your main job, you might spend more time creating content for your channels.



Regarding reposting content, can you use the same copy more than once on one channel, like our Facebook page, and if so, what is the appropriate timeline?

This depends on the topic of the content. For instance, if you have a type of business where you like to remind people about something that happens monthly, that's fine. 


If it's more evergreen, depending on how much content you're sharing, it could be just resharing when you've got a space in the calendar and no other ideas, or you could even think about reposting every 3 months or something like that."



Can I post the same thing across my different social media/email/blog channels?
We recommend using the same theme but modifying the post to suit each channel. Each channel has different features like the ability to include links and sometimes people expect to see different things on certain channels. In our research, we find that usage time varies between all of the channels so posting all at once may show lower engagement in certain areas. This is certainly something to test in your strategy to see if it makes a difference with your audience.



Can you speak about using our organization's voice in our content? I want to be true to our values, vision, mission, etc.

Think about how your brand is currently received by your audience or how you want people to feel after interacting with you. Brand voice is something that will show up in everything you do. 


When it comes down to not sounding too formal, imagine how you would talk to someone if they were right in front of you. It should be more conversational, and less like you're sitting down and writing a formal letter. It's all in the language you use and how people will feel after interacting with your organization.


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